Kekova Tours

Looking for a full-day tour of Kekova as a worthwhile addition to your holiday? With so many destinations and sights worth exploring in the Antalya region, we understand it can be hard to choose what to see and skip. Luckily, the hard work has been done for you, as we have organised an itinerary exploring Kekova and Demre that combines boat and land tours.

We’ve chosen some of the best picks of the region that represent the natural beauty of the Turkish Mediterranean coastline, leaving you in awe of the turquoise waters and giving you plenty of opportunities to have fun. Not only that, but we will guide you through ancient Turkish history by taking you to some of the most important ruins of Lycia (and their locations may surprise you!)

Boat highlights: the historical sites of Simena Castle and the Sunken City of Kekova, and the beautiful bays of Esmeralda, Gökkaya, and Karemlik (swimming, snorkelling, and sea turtle spotting!)

Land highlights: Roman theatre and rock-cut tombs of Myra and St. Nicholas Church.

You can book our Kekova-Demre-Myra tours departing from Antalya, Kaş, or Olympos.