About us

“Learn how to get lost at the blue sea and you will never get lost again.”

Who are we?

We are a young and dynamic team that’s full of energy, addicted to sailing and planning vacations. We’ve been in service since 1994, with previous experience organising voyages for ourselves, our friends and our families.

Our passion has been transformed into a lifestyle.

Our Goals

First and foremost, we aim to organise blue voyages and trips for young people. Secondly, we have a desire to popularise sailing amongst young adults.

Ultimately, we want to challenge the boring hotel concept and show travellers how they can spend their vacation in an alternative way!

Who sails with us?

Only happy customers ;)

Our trips are aimed at people between 18 and 35 years of age who want to have fun, enjoy an interesting vacation and experience something new in their lives.

Your positive feedback motivates us to continually improve and we are ready to offer more information every day!

Ask anyone that’s visited Kekova and they will agree that its attraction lies both above and below the water’s surface. This is one of those rare places in the world where you can travel by boat across a crystal clear sea while exploring a number of islands, deserted bays and world-class snorkelling spots in one day.

In Kekova, you’ll have a drink in one hand while the sun sparkles across the blue waters…then you can say you’ve experienced the real Mediterranean lifestyle. When describing Simena Castle,  there’s always a boat (and an ice-cold beer … two or three). Everyone will find their opportunity to experience a perfect day.

Kekova Boat Tours offers something for everyone, so browse our list of idyllic day trips or contact us about customising a private yacht charter.

We’re here to help you live the blue journey of your dreams.

Now it’s time for a blue voyage!