Daily Boat Trip and Tours

Our daily boat trips take you to some of the best nature spots and historical sites in the Kekova region. We have specialised itineraries that bring you to many gorgeous bays and fascinating underwater ruins. There’ll be plenty of time for relaxation, swimming, and exploration. You can find these options on the website under Kekova Boat Trips.

For our daily boat trips to Kekova, you can choose to depart from Demre, Üçağız or Kas harbour. However, we also organize tours (boat and museum/historical site visits), which involve a transfer service from a different region, depending on the season and number of participants. You can find the tour options on the website under Kekova Tours.

If you use the transfer service, which is a part of our joined tour, then:

Antalya: you can choose the pick-up point while booking a tour from the list;

Kalkan: the meeting point for Kalkan is here;

Kas: the meeting point for Kas is here;

We will pick you up at your hotel if you book a private tour with Pick-up & Drop-off service included.

If you have a tour where you get to a designated meeting point on your own, it is:

Demre: Sailnstay Meeting Point Demre

Ucagiz: Sailnstay Meeting Point Ucagiz

Kas: Sailnstay Meeting Point Kas

All necessary information about the meeting points and parking is also listed on the tour page.

Yes, there is a parking area located near the meeting point.

Demre: Free parking area in the harbour;

Ucagiz: Parking area in the harbour. It can be paid depending on the season;

Kas: Paid parking area in the harbour.

Our daily boat trip adheres to a preset itinerary, stopping at beautiful destinations in the Kekova region. Apart from one stop on the full-day boat trip, which you can explore on foot (Simena Castle), all other spots are on the water (lots of gorgeous bays for swimming!).

When it comes to our tours, although they also involve a boat trip to Kekova, once the trip has ended, we go on to visit additional museums and historical sites on land in neighbouring Demre, such as the Ancient City of Myra. Therefore, a tour can be seen as a more extensive trip and continues past the boat trip. The boat trip departs and arrives back in Demre. However, we provide a transfer service from where you are staying. The reason we offer this tour is for those who are not staying in Demre but also hope to visit some of the most interesting archaeological sites there.

Yes, we provide boat trips and tours (boat and land) daily.

Certainly! If you have enough guests, you can opt for a private boat trip or tour, and we will arrange everything just for you. You can find these options on the website under Kekova Boat Trips and Kekova Tours. We also offer private boat rental from Demre or Kas, which can be found under Boats & Yachts, giving you more freedom with the places you visit rather than sticking to a preset itinerary.

Not at all! We take breaks in the most beautiful areas surrounded by nature, with swimming and snorkelling opportunities. In certain areas, you can disembark the boat and explore villages or ruins on foot.

Blue Cruise: Cabin Charter

Blue Cruise: Private Yacht Charter

Start and endpoints can be agreed upon before starting your boat journey. Usually, the boat is returned to the departure port, although it can accommodate special requests. In this case, a price difference may be requested to compensate for transferring the boat or equipment. The cost will vary depending on the distance between the start and end ports of the tour.

Yes, this is possible with our private yacht rental. We can organise tailor-made itineraries depending on where you want to explore.

The price of renting a private yacht includes mooring fees in Turkish waters, port taxes, yacht insurance, fuel, boat laundry, water utilities, transit log, personnel service, and free use of equipment on board.

The price of the private yacht charter does not include harbour taxes and mooring fees in Greek territorial waters, meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, land tours, or transfers to and from the airport or your hotel.

You can bring your baby on board the private cabin charters.

We can organise private guided land tours for you in areas near the Blue Cruise route according to your requests. This includes museum visits and historical sites. The entrance fees are not included in the price of the yacht rental.

We suggest bringing: swimwear, sunbathing towel, high-protection sun lotion, hat, protective lip balm, suitable clothes (to accommodate changing temperatures), and of course your (action)camera to capture your happy moments. You are not allowed to walk on deck with shoes, but you should bring appropriate shoes for exploration on land.

We recommend you bring your snorkel and goggles even though it is available onboard our boats.

There is plenty to see and do! You can sunbathe, go swimming, read books, take part in a variety of water sports, explore the area when the boat drops anchor for the evening, or even do a spot of fishing. If you wish to add on a land tour as part of your Blue Cruise, you can visit ancient ruins and museums in the area. But don’t feel obliged to do everything on offer; you can enjoy the sailing route and appreciate the time with your travel companions.

On the private yacht charters, anything is possible regarding the menu.

Yes, you can bring your own drinks on board a private yacht cabin charter.

Smoking in the lounge and cabins is not permitted for health and safety reasons. However, should guests wish to smoke, they can do so on the deck area.

Electronic devices are charged with 220-volt electricity. Unfortunately, they are not available on every boat. You will be informed about this beforehand so that you know if the boat has this possibility or not.

The number of crew members varies according to the size of the boat and the number of cabins. 4 cabin boats have a minimum of 2 staff members, whilst boats with more cabin rooms have 3 or 4 crew members. For ultra-luxury yachts, they will have at least 4 to 10 people making up the crew.

You do not need any documents or qualifications to rent a crewed yacht charter. When the crew is sailing the boat, you can sit back and relax as you enjoy the journey with its beautiful scenery and turquoise waters.  But if you’d like, you can chat with the captain as he/she’s sailing the boat, and they will happily tell you how to direct the boat and the different boat terms they use!

Our yachts are covered by third-party liability insurance, protecting the owner, guests, and crew against personal injury or boat damage. However, we recommend that you take out your travel insurance to protect you against any personal accidents or sudden illnesses fully.

For private Blue Cruises, we can prepare tour programs for you to visit one or more Greek islands in the vicinity. Harbour costs to visit the Greek islands are not included in the price.

It is customary to tip workers in Turkey in appreciation of good service. Generally, gratuities are given to the captain to share among the staff. The tip amount tends to be around 5% of the charter fee if you are happy with the service from the crew; however, this is entirely at your discretion.

Fishing Tour

Since our boat is private, there is no need for any documents.

Yes, we do have bathrooms on our boats. All of our toilets are powered by electricity, so we only ask that you don’t flush down any paper towels, wet napkins, etc.  If a blockage or other issue occurs, unfortunately, this means we’ll have to turn around and potentially cancel the tour!

It might not be possible to know beforehand, depending on what kind of fishing you want to do. If you’d like, you can call us for more information before your arrival.

On the boat, coffee, tea, and cold beverages are treated to the guests. The boat has a kitchen with an oven and a BBQ. If you bring food onboard, it can be cooked and served to you. In addition to this, we offer pasta and salad on the house.

The boat is spacious, with a 3.60 m width and 12 m length. Our seats are also very comfortable so you will have a pleasant stay on board.

It is beneficial to call ahead of time when booking a fishing trip at the weekend. For weekday tours, it will be enough to inform us one day in advance. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your reservation for a weekend or weekday date, and we will get back to you.

Our daytime fishing tours operate between 06:30 and 16:00. Our night tours are held between 20:30 and 03:30. If the weather conditions deteriorate or our guests become uncomfortable, we will return earlier than planned.