Demre and Kekova Tours from Kas

For our fascinating tour of Demre and Kekova from Kas (Kaş), we combine both boat and land tours showing you the best nature spots and historical sights of the region.

Do you remember seeing a single sarcophagus (stone coffin) in Kaş’ town centre? Well, there are plenty more of those to see in Kekova, thanks to the area’s connection with ancient Lycia. On the boat trip around the coastline, you will discover the delightful village of Kaleköy (ancient Simena), which is home to castle ruins and hilltop sarcophagi, as well as the famous Sunken City, displaying intriguing underwater ruins, which are a result of an earthquake over 2000 years ago. History aside, use your remaining time to relax and soak up the summer sun, as the tour brings you to several gorgeous bays, such as Burç Bay, and Karemlik Bay, which is known to attract the majestic loggerhead turtle. As part of our land tour discovering Demre, the highlight is the Ancient City of Myra, where well-preserved tombs are scattered in the cliffs looming above the town. A sight not to be missed!

For a truly special trip with no one else but the people you want on board (not forgetting the crew of course!), choose the private tour option, giving you the whole boat to yourselves and more flexibility regarding the destinations.