Demre and Kekova Tours from Antalya

Staying in the bustling city of Antalya but want to discover some of the best places in Kekova and nearby Demre? Then we have the ideal tour for you!

Our boat and land tour will take you to some of the most memorable nature and historical sites in the Kekova and Demre region. Starting with an exciting and relaxing boat trip stopping at some truly amazing crystal-clear bays, such as Esmeralda Bay and Burç Bay, we won’t stop there and will go on to show you some fascinating underwater ruins, Roman-style theatres, and ancient tombs. Highlights include Simena Castle and the Sunken City of Kekova, as well as the well-preserved ruins of Myra.

To exclusively share this experience with family and friends, opt for our private tour offer around Kekova and Myra (Demre).

We look forward to seeing you soon!