For a truly exclusive boat trip along the Turkish Mediterranean coastline, please choose one of our boat rental options in Demre.

The agricultural town of Demre is a fascinating district with unique coastline views alongside hundreds of pearly white greenhouses. It is also famous for its ancient ruins, including Andriake Port (now Museum of Lycian Civilizations) and the rock-cut tombs of ancient Myra.

So, what better place to depart for the ultimate boat trip that gives you more freedom, entertainment, and the ability to explore? This is a step up from the daily boat trips we offer, as instead of a preset itinerary, you can decide on the places you want to visit and how long you want to stay there.

Our boats have everything you need to have a comfortable and relaxing stay on board. With a personal crew ready to take care of your safety and all other needs, you can focus on enjoying the crystal-clear waters and soaking up the summer sun.

For the best way to discover some of the most beautiful destinations along the Mediterranean coastline, look no further than our yacht rental from Kas, Turkey.

With no other guests apart from you and your companions, have the time of your lives as you come aboard our boat and receive the full attention of our 3 crew members, ensuring your safety and bringing you to places worthy of being called paradise.

The yacht is well-equipped and has everything you need for a luxurious and comfortable stay on board. With freedom of choice, you can decide where to go and how long to stay.

Kaş is a beautiful tourist town that boasts breathtaking coastal views and has a warming feel the moment you arrive. It is a perfect departure point to explore the region by boat, especially in areas such as Limanagzi, Inonu Bay, and Kekova.