Demre and Kekova Tours from Kalkan

Due to popular demand, the Demre-Kekova tour from Kalkan is an exciting new addition to our selection of tours, making it possible to explore the top nature spots and ancient ruins of the region without worrying about how to get there.

Excitement, nature, relaxation, and history- thanks to this tour, you and your loved ones can share unforgettable memories. Of course, it’s not just about taking photos of the different places you see, but treasuring the moment, so that you can fully appreciate your unique experiences and enjoy yourselves to the max!

This tour from Kalkan is recommended for those who wish to embark on a private tour for ultimate luxury and comfort and sharing experiences solely with friends and family. If you are looking forward to swimming in some of the most gorgeous bays in Kekova, we’ve got you covered. Our top picks include the beautiful Esmeralda Bay and Gökkaya Bay, renowned for its stunning blue waters and water sport activities. Once we reach land, step back in time as we show you what life was like in ancient Myra, by visiting the Museum of Lycian Civilisations, St. Nicholas Church, and the famous rock-cut tombs of Myra.