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Daily Boat Trip

Those saying, “I don’t have much time but a lot of excitement” meet in the presence of the peace out of the daily tour.

You will not even know how the day goes by on our journey with our experienced crew and our comfortable boat.

Daily tours heading from DemreKaş port ve Olimpos.

Cabin Charter

You do not need crowds to sail into the sky-blue waters of the mighty Mediterranean.

You can opt for a cabin chartering service to discover the villages, magnificent coasts, and much more you see in postcards.

You will interact with different cultures and complete your holiday at a much more affordable price!

Private Yacht Charter

Comfort, peace and memorable days…

Our Gulets, under the private yacht chartering option, will give you a holiday blended with luxury and joy! You will swim in the clear waters of the Mediterranean and enjoy the unique history of the sunken city.

You will get rid of the tiredness of discovering ancient remains with delicious menus and unforgettable sunset.

Go out on the deck and open your wings; the journey begins!