Demre and Kekova Tours from Olympos

Ready to explore Kekova and the Ancient City of Myra (in Demre)? We hope so and look forward to picking you up from Olympos for an action-packed full-day tour. Your day will be eventful, to say the least, with a memorable boat tour of the Kekova region followed by a land tour visiting some of the most important historical sites in neighbouring Demre.

Let us be your guide as we set sail from Demre harbour, searching for beautiful bays (e.g. Esmeralda Bay) for a spot of swimming and relaxation, and also stopping to discover some of the most famous ancient cities of Lycia. We’ll serve a delicious lunch along the way. Once your boat tour has finished, we will continue to the Myra archaeological site, where you will find the largest theatre in Lycia and some of the most interesting rock-cut tombs looming above.

Take advantage of our private tour offer for total exclusivity of the boat with the people you love, making this experience extra memorable and allowing you more flexibility and freedom.