Gokkaya Bay, Demre, Turkey

Gokkaya Bay is one of the numerous beautiful bays near Simena Castle on the southern coast of Turkey. It can be found between the coastal towns of Kaş and Demre in the stunning region of Kekova.

There are three entrances to the bay: the west passage coming from the direction of Kaş, between Kisneli Island and the mainland; the middle passage between Kisneli and Aşırlı Island; and the east passage coming from the direction of Demre, between the Aşırlı Island and the mainland.

Close to the coastal village of Üçağız and a short distance from the offshore Lycian ruins of the Sunken City of Kekova, Gokkaya is the largest in the row of stunning bays located in this magnificent area.

Is it any wonder that Gokkaya Bay is such a popular spot for the day boats to stop for lunch? There are various water sports opportunities available here, and what’s more, this is a perfect location for swimming and snorkelling to enjoy the diverse marine life.

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