Blue Cruise Kas – Kekova – Kas


Shared cruise from Kas to Kekova and sail back to Kas

Kas – Kekova – Kas route offers an unforgettable holiday for both you and your loved ones along the majestic coast surrounding Kas.

Release any stress as you travel through the stunning blue waters and encounter amazing natural sites along the way. Our blue tours combine entertainment, culture and comfort, accompanied by plenty of memorable moments.

Our blue cruise cabin charter service is a convenient holiday option for solo travellers, with the opportunity to meet new friends from across the globe

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1st Day : Kas

  • Kas Harbour

    With the help of our crew, your suitcases will be transferred to your cabin after 11am, ready for you to settle in.

    Our onboard service begins with dinner and your first night in Kas Harbour.

2nd Day: Kas-Kekova

  • Kas Harbour

    At 12:00 we’ll start our exciting blue voyage towards Limanagzı.

  • Inonu Bay

    Enjoy views across the crystal clear waters during lunch, then take a swimming break at Inonu Bay.

3rd Day: Sunken City and Gokkaya Bay

  • Tersane Bay

    Wake with the day’s first rays for a pleasant breakfast.
    After breakfast, we’ll cruise to Tersane Bay where we’ll visit a Roman shipyard and a Byzantine church.

  • Kekova Island and Sunken City

    Take a glimpse of the magnificent scenery as you pass through the Sunken City, which was flooded during an earthquake around two thousand years ago.

  • Gokkaya Bay

    Spend the day enjoying a range of water activities, such as jet skiing, banana boating and riding the waterslides!

    Then prepare for an adventurous evening at “Smugglers Inn”, with small service boats transporting you to this bar where you can mingle with other travellers.

4th Day: Demre

  • Pirates Cave

    We’ll visit the “Pirates Cave” where many seals choose to spend winter, then sail to

  • Andriake Museum

    Andriake Port was one of the most important Lycian ports and has been operating as a museum since 2016. Take time to explore its agora, cistern, synagogue and churches, as well as the baths, harbour, monuments, ships and lifts from this ancient city.

  • The Ancient City of Myra

    The history of Myra’s ancient city dates back to 5th century BC and it served an important role during both the Lycian and Roman periods. In addition to its ancient theatres and rock tombs, sarcophaguses are one of the most iconic symbols of Myra.

  • St. Nicholas Church

    It’s believed that many miracles have happened since the birth of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) in Patara, which is an important Lycian city. Saint Nicholas, the guardian of the seas, is believed to have died at the age of 65 on December 6, 343 AD. The people of Myra built a church in his name and a tomb where he was laid to rest in eternal sleep.

  • Karaloz Bay

    We’ll head towards Karaloz Bay for dinner and stay the night.

5th Day: Kekova

  • Simena Castle

    After breakfast, we’ll cruise towards Simena Castle where our boat will anchor for two hours at the Kalekoy (Simena) Port. During this time, you’ll have time to visit the authentic village that comprises around 30 households and explore the local culture.

  • Akvaryum Bay

    Soak up the sunshine of Akvaryum Bay while enjoying a delightful swimming break.

  • Sicak Bay

    Dinner and spend the night at Sicak Bay, depending on the weather conditions.

6th Day : Sicak Bay and Aperlai

  • Aperlai Lycian Way walk

    Wake for a magnificent sunrise at Sicak Bay.

    After a delicious breakfast, you can opt to follow the Lycian Way from Sicak Bay and enjoy a half-hour exploration of the ancient city of Aperlai. Our boat will be waiting for you in Aperlai Bay.

  • Ufakdere Bay

    We will head towards Ufakdere Bay for dinner and spend the night.

7th Day: Kas

  • Kas Limanagzi

    After breakfast, we will sail to Limanagzı at 11:30.

    Enjoy a tasty lunch at Limanagzı, then cool off with a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters.

  • Kas Harbour

    After dinner, we will be staying at Kas Harbor for the night.

8th Day: Kas

Food Menu

  • Breakfast

    Cheese, olives, jam varieties, honey, butter, eggs, cucumber, tomatoes, tea and coffee.

  • Lunch

    Vegetable dishes, rice / bulgur pilaf, pasta / cheese pastry roll, yogurt or caciki, salad.

  • 5 O’clock Tea

    Cakes, biscuits or pastries, tea or coffee.

  • Dinner

    Variety of appetizers, barbecued chicken, rice, sea bass or trout, meatballs or meat dishes, rice pilaf, bulgur pilaf or pasta, salad, fruit.

Included In The Price

  • Dishes

    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 5 O’clock Tea

  • A small bottle of water is complimentary on every meal.
  • Port charges and checkout procedures.
  • Clean linen and bath towels are provided. (Beach towels are not included).
  • Free use of equipment on board (mask, flipper, snorkel and fishing gear, etc.)

Excluded From The Price

  • Alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverages and bottled water are provided for a fee onboard the yacht.
  • Museum and Archaeological Site Entrance Fees
  • Water sports

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