Sicak Bay of Kekova, Demre

Anchoring at wonderful Sicak (Siçak) Bay in Kekova region is always a highlight on a boat trip to or from Demre. Directly translated as ‘hot cove’, you will find this beautiful area to the west of Kekova Island.

Upon entering this quiet bay, be sure to breathe in the sweet, crisp smell of the luscious green hills which are in abundance around this area.

Sicak Bay contains two long piers, leading visitors to a couple of local restaurants and pensions (guesthouse). From here, it is also only a 30-minute walk to the ruins of Aperlai, which can be enjoyed as part of a Blue Cruise tour.

Imagine yourself sitting beside the water with a stunning view of the bay, enjoying the peaceful surroundings as you tuck into the fresh catch of the day.

Surely there is nothing more relaxing than this!