Kocakari Bay, Kekova region, Turkey

When exploring the many beautiful sites of the Kekova region by water, Kocakari Bay makes for a perfect overnight location for Blue Cruise boats to set their anchor.

Picture this: you’re swimming in the clear and deep, turquoise-blue water, that stretches as far as the eye can see, with the luscious green island of Kekova and the mainland adding to the stunning scenery. Nature is all around you, as you are surrounded by mountains above and fish swimming below your feet. With nothing to think about and with no rush to move on, you can give your full attention to relaxing in the sea or lying on the dock under the tranquil blue sky, taking in the stunning views until your boat sets sail from this heavenly bay.

Kocakari Bay is located on the mainland, within sight of Kekova Island and close to the ancient cities of Aperlai, Simena, and Theimiussa; a unique beauty that is not to be missed!

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