Getting a Mediterranean Museum Pass, is it worth it?

The Mediterranean Museum Pass allows you to visit over 50 museums and archaeological sites in Antalya, Mersin, Adana, and Denizli for over 7 days, starting when you enter your first museum or archaeological site. You can buy your Mediterranean Museum Pass online or in Turkey at one of these 18 points of sale. Highlights include Myra, Aspendos, Olympos, and Hierapolis & Pamukkale.

The pass will likely save you money if you intend to visit multiple museums and sites during your visit to Turkey. As well as this, it will save you time by skipping the ticket queue.

The price of the pass is currently 2200 TL.

Below are all of the museums and sites that are freely accessible with your Mediterranean Museum Pass:


  • Atatürk House and Museum
  • Alanya Castle
  • Alanya Museum
  • Syedra


  • Arykanda archaeological site
  • Aspendos archaeological site
  • Atatürk House and Museum
  • Karain Cave
  • Limyra archaeological site
  • Antalya Museum
  • Olympos archaeological site
  • Perge archaeological site
  • Phaselis archaeological site
  • Termessos archaeological site and national park
  • St. Nicholas Museum
  • Museum of Lycian Civilizations and Andriake archaeological site
  • Myra archaeological site
  • Patara archaeological site
  • Simena archaeological site
  • Xanthos archaeological site
  • Elmali Museum
  • Side Apollon Temple of Athena
  • Side Museum
  • Side Ancient Theatre


  • Anamurium archeological site
  • Anamur Museum
  • Mamure Castle
  • Atatürk House and Museum
  • Gözne Castle
  • Kanlıdivane archeological site
  • Kızkalesi (Maiden’s Castle)
  • Mersin Museum of Archeology
  • Silifke Alahan Monastery
  • Silifke Asthma Cave
  • Silifke Atatürk House and Museum of Ethnography
  • Silifke Aya Tekla archaeological site
  • Silifke Caves of Heaven and Hell
  • Silifke Museum
  • Narlıkuyu Mosaic Museum
  • Uzuncaburç archeological site
  • Tarsus Museum
  • St. Paul Monument Museum


  • Anavaza archeological site
  • Adana Museum
  • Atatürk House and Museum
  •  Kuruköprü Monument Museum and Traditional Adana House
  • Sar archaeological site


  • Atatürk and Ethnography Museum
  • Hierapolis (Pamukkale) Archaeological Museum
  • Hierapolis archeological site
  • Laodicea archaeological site