Tersane Bay of Kekova, Demre, Turkey

Tersane Bay is a small, secluded area located on the side of Kekova Island, near Demre; its surrounding area can be enjoyed on a boat tour around the Kekova region.

The Kekova region is steeped in history, with ruins of ancient settlements around every corner. In Tersane Bay itself, you can find the underwater ruins of a former Byzantine Church, indicating the start of the Sunken City of Kekova. In actual fact, Tersane Bay was the former shipbuilding area of this Sunken City during the Lycian period. As a reminder of its past, the bay’s name translates as ‘shipyard’ in English.

The turquoise water in this calm creek attracts many tourists, making it a very popular spot for swimming and snorkelling. Diving has also become a much sought-after activity in Kekova, with the lure of colourful sea life and underwater ruins, although many parts of the area are still protected from this activity. Even so, take advantage of the immaculately clear water and the rare chance to swim around the offshore ruins. Watch out for the rocks, and don’t forget your mask!

Soak in the historical atmosphere as you continue to enjoy the unique surroundings of Kekova.

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