Inonu Bay, Kas, Antalya province, Turkey

One of the most beautiful bays in the Antalya province is without doubt Inonu Bay, an exceptional stop on a boat trip from Kas (Kaş). To the west of Kekova Island is where you will find this stunning spot with turquoise blue water.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this blissful, secluded bay is an oasis for its visitors. A long narrow bay that is renowned for its high-visibility waters, it faces a rocky coast surrounded by luscious olive groves. Due to its natural beauty, the area is a popular camping spot for people hiking the Lycian Way. Although, they won’t get to enjoy the same scenic view that you will have the fortune of having as you arrive by boat.

Inonu Bay can be described as an underwater aquarium, with its intensely blue waters and diverse sea life. Don’t forget to bring your flippers and snorkel mask for ultimate underwater exploration. Fingers crossed that you will get to spot a variety of fish, turtles, and maybe even wild dolphins if you’re extremely lucky!

The deep blue color of the sea is truly delightful and we can’t get enough of it! Take in your surroundings as you go for a swim or soak up the sun on the top deck.