From Demre: Day Trip to Kekova by Boat

  • Harbour

    Demre Harbour

  • Duration

    7 hours

  • Tour start

    10:20 a.m.

  • Tour end

    17:20 p.m.

Summer..the most beautiful season, with fireflies emerging, seas warming and the sun shining brightly..

Create unforgettable memories with your loved ones during your summer holidays with our Demre – Kekova boat tour.

Let’s take a look at this delightful tour route.

Tour Route

  • Demre Harbor

    10:30 a.m.

    Our Kekova boat trip starts between 10:00 and 10:30 am as we depart from Demre Harbour and head towards our first stop.

  • Kekova Island and Sunken City

    11:30 a.m.

    Discover the fascinating secrets of Kekova’s history on this unique adventure! The sunken city was flooded after an earthquake two thousand years ago and never fails to leave an impression. View the enchanting ruins of the Sunken City as we cruise alongside and capture unforgettable photos.

  • Simena Castle

    12:15 p.m.

    Our boat will anchor in Kalekoy (Simena) Port for 1.5 hours, giving you time to visit its authentic village and soak up the unique culture. Alternatively, you can spend your time here swimming in the beautiful blue waters.

  • Esmeralda Bay

    13:15 p.m.

    The swimming and lunch break at Esmeralda Bay allows you to experience the peace of this pleasant journey.

  • Burc Bay

    14:15 p.m.

    After lunch, a 40-minute swimming break in Burc Bay. The sea is a little cooler in the bay due to the mineral water source.

  • Gokkaya Bay

    15:00 p.m.

    We’ll stop to swim and eat in Gokkaya Bay, giving you time to experience its beautiful natural setting and enjoy the various water sports.

  • Pirates Cave

    16:00 p.m.

    Take time to admire the majestic natural structure of the Pirates Cave, which is renowned for its large size and softly curving lines.

  • Karemlik Bay

    15:00 p.m.

    There are eight types of turtles known around the world, five of which are found in the Mediterranean. In Karemlik Bay, you’ll have the chance to witness these joyful creatures in what is a natural paradise.

  • Demre Harbour

    17:00 p.m.

    After an exciting journey that lasts all day long, our tour ends at Demre Harbour.


Lunch Menu

  • Main dish

    Chicken Doner or Fish

  • Seasonal salad

    Lettuce, Arugula, Parsley, Green onion, Cress, Mint, Carrot grater, Tomato slices, Olive oil with lemon sauce.

  • Fruit or Desert

Included In The Price

  • Lunch

Excluded From The Price

  • Drinks
  • Water Sports
  • Museum and Archaeological Site Entrance Fees
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