Kekova Blue Cruise

Life is like an endless journey that starts every morning from scratch. While we are always trying to reach some places, we get lost in the fuss. But there is another type of journey that unveils everything that is good in a human being. Of course, we are talking about the blue voyage… Blue tour, also known as the blue cruise is a type of travel that includes pleasant tours with the boats in different routes…

The blue voyage allows you to discover the most beautiful and hidden spots of nature, to relax in virgin bays and to experience a unique holiday with your loved ones. Holidaymakers also have the opportunity of enjoying comfort by utilizing from various service options such as cabins and boat charter, if they wish to. Blue Voyage can be summed up as an entertainment holiday that includes peace, joy, and nature..

Those who are exhausted from the chaos and the crowd of the big cities take out the tiredness of the year on the blue voyage. The ones who want to enjoy comfort and luxury prefer yacht charter service during this holiday period. You and your loved ones can collect unforgettable memories on your vacation by taking advantage of the yacht charter service. Thanks to our fully equipped yacht and experienced crew, you can finally enjoy the pleasures of peace, enthusiasm and blue desire. Experience the comfort of eating, music and a safe holiday environment while discovering beautiful bays in a unique route. The blue voyage is incredible when you have peace of comfort.

The blue voyage is no longer a dream. And you do not have to be trapped in a single option while making your dreams come true. You can add your journey more fun and make it more affordable by choosing a cabin charter option. The cabin charter service keeps being a focus of interest for those who want to go out for a holiday by themselves rather than with a group of friends. You have the chance of meeting guests from different cultures by taking a vacation with people who are coming from various points to the sea. By joining the cabin charter tour, you can get pay per person on a boat consisting of 16 individuals and six cabins. In a cabin for two, you will share the joy of your journey with another traveler of the same gender. Long story short, the blue voyage is much more enjoyable now.