Kekova Blue Cruise

Before we go into the Kekova Blue Cruise, let us paint you a picture…

Think about your life as being an endless journey that starts every morning afresh. Still, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. Wake up, eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat. You are probably working most days, and like many, are craving the day you can finally leave for your summer holiday. So, we’d like to tell you about a different type of journey that brings out the best in us and can provide you with a totally different and re-energising experience. Of course, we are talking about the Blue Voyage, also known as the Blue Cruise. This is a special type of travel that gives you the chance to explore a unique sailing route over the course of a few days.

A Blue Cruise allows you to discover some of the most beautiful and hidden spots in nature, relax and swim in pristine bays, and experience a unique holiday with your friends and family, or even by yourself! Holidaymakers have the opportunity of relaxing in comfort by making use of various service options such as shared cabin charter and private boat charter. When one day just isn’t enough, you’ll be glad that you chose a package lasting several days instead, giving you more time to enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and amazing blue sea.

A Blue Cruise can be summed up as an entertaining holiday that incorporates peace, excitement, and nature.

A Blue Cruise on the Mediterranean Sea no longer has to be a dream. You also don’t have to feel trapped in choosing a single option when experiencing this unique boat journey. You can make your trip more exciting and worthwhile by choosing a cabin charter option giving yourself several days on the water. The cabin charter service is also perfect for solo travellers, as it gives you the chance to meet guests from other countries, meaning you can share your experiences with new friends.

By joining the cabin charter tour, you just pay per person for a place on board a boat with up to 16 people and including comfortable cabin beds. In a cabin for two, you will share your room with someone of the same gender.

Ultimately, the Blue Cruise trips have become much more enjoyable and accessible. So what are you waiting for! Check through our selection of Blue Cruise cabin charter tours and get ready to enjoy your dream holiday!

Those who are exhausted from the chaos and crowds of the big cities can re-energise themselves on a Blue Cruise. For an even more exclusive trip, as a holiday-maker in search of privacy, comfort and luxury, you may prefer the services of a private yacht charter. You and your loved ones can share unforgettable memories on your holiday by taking advantage of this service giving you the whole boat to yourselves. Not everybody likes to share, right!

Thanks to our fully equipped yacht and experienced crew, you can finally enjoy the pleasure of peace, excitement, and desire. Experience the joy of eating, listening to chilled music, and a safe holiday environment while discovering beautiful bays along a unique route. The Blue Voyage is incredible when you are being pampered like this!