Private Yacht Charter

Luxury, fun, and an exceptional experience

Sail the Turkish island in style by chartering a luxury yacht. Our private yacht charter service takes you and your loved ones on an unforgettable journey that embraces relaxation and excitement. We offer fully-equipped yachts with a specially appointed crew, who will act as your guides and provide you with comfort and peace of mind. No other tour can compare, with personalised service, flexibility, exclusivity, and no need to wait for others.

Our private yachts provide you with the opportunity to spend several days on the water, with comfortable cabins for sleeping and areas for eating, relaxing, and entertaining! With no preset itinerary imposed, you can take the reins by deciding where you want to go both on and off land. Of course our team are here to advise you on the best spots to visit too.

This sailing adventure of a lifetime gives you a truly unique experience with the people you love. So what are you waiting for?

Our private yachts offer double cabins with private showers and WC, as well as air conditioning and much more. They also feature sunbathing chairs, loungers and service kits, and have a sailing capacity that reaches 16 nautical miles. A private yacht charter will create the vacation of your dreams.

Wait, there’s more! Boasting fully-equipped wireless and GSM phone navigation equipment, our yacht charter service offers the necessary security to make your holiday unforgettable. Not only that, the yachts also feature LCD TVs, DVD players and music players to create a joyful onboard experience.

Participate in a range of water sports, such as kayaking and snorkelling, while adventuring in the pristine bays of Turkey and the Greek islands. A yacht charter service will help you relieve your stress in an exclusive environment.

Experience the beauty of nature while having the time of your life!