Kekova Cabin Charter

Ready to book your Blue Cruise cabin charter experience?

Which route will you choose? Will it be a round trip from Kas to Kekova, or how about Demre to Kas, or visa versa? Get the best bang for your buck and start looking forward to what Kekova has to offer. Our cabin charter
service will add a spark of energy and excitement to your holiday, featuring top destinations, mesmerising crystal-clear waters, included meals, and onboard entertainment.

The cabin charter service gives you the chance to experience some of the best nature and historical spots around the region, without having to fork out on a private boat rental, meaning you can enjoy your holiday in a more affordable and colourful way. What’s more, on a shared Blue Cruise tour, you can interact with other guests from different cultures, and maybe even making life-long friends!

We offer several packages lasting several days up to just over a week, giving you plenty of options and plenty of opportunities to witness and discover the wonders of the Turkish Mediterranean coast.

Hop aboard- it’s time to journey towards the Mediterranean sea’s most beautiful shades of blue!

A Blue Cruise voyage with added fun! Embrace the charm of travel and make the most of the blue and serene waves.

We hope that this cruise awakens feelings of wellness and peace whilst sparking your passion for adventure!

By opting for a cabin charter service on our 8-cabin yacht, you can set off with confidence towards many wonderful spots. There will be plenty of chances to discover pristine bays and photogenic views that are waiting to be enjoyed together with your boat companions.

As the cabin charter is priced per person, you can adhere to your budget, no matter what that may be.