Kekova Cabin Charter

Have you selected your route and made plans for your Blue Voyage?

Then get ready to maximize your budget while relaxing in comfort – a cabin charter service will bring a breath of fresh air to your holiday expectations.
Opt to hire a cabin as either a couple or individual, with the cabin charter service being similar to booking a hotel room.

In cabins with a capacity for two people, you can interact with guests from different cultures while enjoying your holiday in a more affordable and colorful way.

The cabin charter service gives you the chance to experience all of our routes, without having to rent the entire boat. At the same time, you can get in touch with different cultures by meeting vacationers from all corners of the globe

Hop in – it’s time to journey towards to the most beautiful shade of blue!

Setting out on a journey always awakens feelings of wellness and peace.

Embrace the charming atmosphere of travel, the shade of blue and the serenity of the waves …

A Blue Voyage with added fun!

By opting for a cabin charter service on our 8-cabin yacht, you can set off with confidence towards beautiful spots. Discover the alluring holiday feeling while experiencing the magnificent beauty of pristine bays and photogenic views that are asking to be framed.

As the cabin charter is priced per person, you can adhere to your budget, no matter what it is.