Boat Tours to Kekova from Kas

One of the best things to do in Kas (Kaş) is to take a memorable boat tour exploring the amazing Kekova region. With its name deriving from Kekova Island, not far from the mainland, the area is an interesting blend of history and natural beauty, and fortunately with plenty to discover by water.

The Kaş – Kekova tour combines everything you seek in a boat tour: deep blue waters, unique places, stunning natural scenery, excitement, good food, and socialising. Our trusted crew will bring you to the top picks of stunning bays that are waiting for you enjoy, including magnificent Yağlıca Bay, and Tersane Bay, giving you a rare chance to swim among the underwater ruins of Kekova. You’ll also pass by the Sunken City of Kekova before disembarking the boat for a worthwhile visit to Simena Castle, which offers panoramic views of the Kekova region, and is certainly not to be missed!

For a perfectly exclusive tour of the Kekova region from Kaş, we wholly recommend the private boat tour; with the boat to yourself, it will allow you to spend the whole day with just your family and friends- a truly special experience to be enjoyed together.