Terms and Conditions

By entering and using this website, you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions.

Every “electronic receipt” (e-receipt) issued by or on behalf of our company will be referred to as “receipt,” and the Blue Voyage, Cabin Charter, Boat Charter, Activity, Airport Transfer from now on will be referred to as “Service.”
Through the website of “kekovatravel.com,” you can purchase a service and proceed with the change, cancellation, and refund processes.

All the proceedings that will be performed on the Internet should be made exactly as shown on the Internet pages. “kekovatravel.com” is not responsible for any inconveniences that may arise during the processes of booking, booking changes, cancellations, refunds, and online receipt purchases due to a mistake or an incorrect proceeding performed by you.
“kekovatravel.com” and its business partners can send you mails, e-mails, and SMS messages or make a call to inform you about the promotions, campaigns, launches, advertisements, products, events and applications.

If you’ve used your credit card for the payment(s), you may be asked to exhibit your credit card.

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“kekovatravel.com” reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without any notice or an admission of liability.
Disputes arising out of the service contract shall be subject to the Turkish Laws, and the Demre Courts shall be exclusively authorized for the settlement of disputes. In case of dispute, the “kekovatravel.com” records will be valid.

There are no commitments or remarks on the accuracy and correctness of the information available on the “kekovatravel.com” website and the updating of this information.

Blue Voyage Cabin Charter

– In our operations, 16 to 35 m long traditional southwestern Aegean standard wooden yachts (GULET) with 3 to 16 cabins are used, the name of the boat will be decided the day before the trip, and the name of the boat may change according to the passenger’s booking situation.
-Cabins are for two people. There are usually double beds. Twin or triple beds cannot be guaranteed.
– Each cabin comes with a private shower/WC, porthole (window), a small wardrobe, bedspreads for two people, blanket, hand and face towels, and two pillows. The toilets may be the flush (household type) toilet or the pumped toilet (the marine type).
-Bed linen sets are used weekly unless a special case is mentioned.
-There can be a minimum of three and a maximum of five crew members according to the size of the yachts.
-The route and general conditions during these journeys are as previously announced in the brochures. No change can be made according to a guest’s special circumstances and demands.
-The electrical system is either a 12-volt or 24-volt power system. A generator is not guaranteed. While the boat is anchored in the harbor, the 220 V electric system may be available.
-Boats are insured, but we recommend you to get your own travel insurance.
-Our guests are not allowed to bring drinks to the boat from outside.
-The captain can make mandatory changes in the route according to weather conditions for the safety and comfort of our guests.
-Usually, the boats are powered by engine power, but the sails are used as well depending on the weather conditions and wind direction.

As of 06.26.2012, children who are citizens of an EU member country must have their passports when they travel to a country which is also a member of the European Union. Children registered in the passport of their parents will definitely not be accepted.

The application is valid only for the passports of the EU member countries. The children who are registered in a Turkish passport or a non-EU country passport, will not have any obstacles in our actions as long as they provide the other requirements (visa, residence permit, travel document, etc.) of the destination country.

Transfer service

Transfer service of the “kekovatravel.com” is provided by Andifli car rental & Transfer.
Antalya-Demre-Kekova Boat Tour starts from Demre port and the transfers from your hotel to Demre port are provided by Andifli Car Rental & Transfer company.
Olympos-Kekova Boat Tour starts from the Demre Port, and the transfer is provided by Olimpos Taşımacılık.

You can find the details of the terms and conditions below:

About Online Transactions

Online service purchases made via the Internet can be made with EFT or Visa and Master credit cards and with debit cards that allow 3D transactions.
Once you have confirmed the purchase, your payment amount (including tax and other charges) will be charged from your credit card and you will receive an electronic receipt in the form of an invoice.
“kekovatravel.com” accepts no responsibility for the failure of delivery or late delivery or incomplete delivery of the email regarding the e-receipt confirmation.

Booking Rules

1.You cannot transfer your booking to someone else, and you cannot change your name-surname.
2. A booking cannot be changed after the starting time of the service. The receipt cannot be canceled, and the refund cannot be made.
Receipt Validity:
a. The receipts are valid for the specified dates and services except for the adverse weather conditions.
b. Once the receipt validity period is expired, you cannot change or return a receipt.
3. The service fee which is charged during the issuance of a receipt is not refundable.
4. Refunds will only be made to the cardholder, the credit card that was used for the payment and the place where the service was received.
5. “kekovatravel.com” service purchasing processes end 12 hours before the service time and 24 hours before the service time on our website. Since the check-in process will be closed 30 minutes before the service time, the guests may not be accepted for the service even though they have received a receipt.
6. Check-in processes end 30 minutes before the service time.
7. We do not accept any responsibility for a process interruption, error, omission, interruption, deletion, loss, delay in the processing or communication, computer virus, communication failure, stealing, destruction or unauthorized record entering, modification or use of a process unless it is our own gross negligence.

Changing A Booking and Cancellation of The Receipt

Changing A Booking and Cancellation regarding the cancellations and refunds

For the Changes in Bookings and Cancellation Processes:

If you’ve received the service via our website “kekovatravel.com,” you can make changes and cancellations by filling the form in the “Contact” area with (booking date) and your personal details.

If you want to cancel your electronic receipt, get a refund or make a change via our offices, please bring the Credit Card that you used to make the payment and your photo ID card (passport, ID card or driver’s license) with your e-receipt.
For the receipt refund fees, the following deduction rates are applied.
In the change processes, if there is a price gap between the old and new prices in addition to the processing fees stated above, that gap will also be collected. No refunds will be made in case of a booking change for a lower fee. The service fee for cancellations will not be refunded.

For the cancellations made 60 days (and more) before the service date, a 10% deduction is applied from the total price of the service. If the cancellation was made between 59 – 30 days before the service date, the deduction rate will be 25% and if the cancellation period was 29 – 15 days before the service date, the deduction rate will be 50%, and if the cancellation was made 14 days before the service date, the deduction rate will be 100%

Cancellations for the receipts of purchases by installments are reinstated in installments again to the account of the payment.

Refund for The Service Which Is Cancelled Due to Adverse Weather Conditions

You can make a free change to another “kekovatravel.com” service if you make a change after 3 days following the service day of the service that has been canceled due to adverse weather conditions and if you have purchased the service on our website. The new service selected in the service change can be selected within 14 days from the canceled service. For the requests that are made outside of the stated restrictions, only unlimited receipt fee refund is offered.

The uninterrupted receipt fee refund for the canceled services and the “kekovatravel.com” service that connects to the canceled service on the same day can be requested until the final validity date of the receipt. In order to be able to get a refund of the service that is connected to the canceled service, the related service must not be performed by the guest. Regular fee rules apply for the other service on the receipt.

Termination of The Service Contract By Us

In case there is a justified reason, “kekovatravel.com” reserves the right to terminate or cancel the service contract for providing the safety or security, for protection of the life and property of the service providers or their employees or the guests of “kekovatravel.com.”

Refund Process

If your card/account has not been closed, your refund is deposited on the day your bank receives the refund.

For the cancellation/refund transactions that are made through the system, an automatic message is sent to the virtual POS of the banks. The refund of the transactions accepted by the bank will be reflected within 2-3 days if the credit card used for the transaction belongs to a Turkish bank, within 3-7 days depending on the country if the credit card used for the transaction belongs to a foreign country.

If the transactions of sale and refund are made on the same day, since the banks don’t accept automatic refunds, the refund is performed next day (except weekends and official holidays) by us. Since refunds cannot be processed with the bank cards, the account information of the guest is requested, and the refund is made via bank transfer or EFT. In this case, the processes such as accessing the guest, adding the Guest Relations to the refund list change the length of the refund period.

If the card that will receive the refund is closed or the period between the sale and refund is longer than 6 months, the refund is not performed via virtual POS systems and bank transfer/EFT process will be initiated. The length of the period is uncertain.