Vitamin Sea Boat

The 15 m long and 3.90 m wide boat, with two specially appointed crew members, provides our valued guests with daily boat trips.

“Our boat has two restrooms, and there is also a facility available for you to change your clothes.”

The sunbathing cushions, chairs and service kits are available in sufficient amounts for all our guests. Bringing comfort and serenity to our daily boat trip guests, the Vitamin Sea Boat can reach the speed of 14 nautical miles per hour.

With Vitamin Sea, thanks to its full-fledged Wireless GSM Phone, you will feel safe sailing to our most preferred daily boat tour destinations, such as Demre and Kekova.

  • Includes

    Morning snack, Lunch, Seasonal fresh fruits, 5 o’clock Tea, Snorkeling equipment

  • What to bring

    Sunglasses, Sun hat, Sunscreen, Swimwear, Towel

You can bring your own drinks on board

Kekova Private Boat Trip Route

  • Demre (Andriake) Harbour

    Our Demre – Kekova boat trip can begin at a time that suits you, although we recommend 10 a.m. so that we can fit in all of the fantastic stops. The boat departs from Demre harbour and cruises towards your first stop as the day’s early-morning sun rays start to illuminate the sea.

  • Kekova Island and Sunken City

    Discover the fascinating secrets of Kekova’s history on this unique adventure around the Sunken City. The ancient city of Dolchiste was flooded due to an earthquake in the 2nd century, and its resulting underwater ruins never fail to leave an impression. Since this is a protected area, swimming is not permitted here, so what better way to explore the site than by cruising alongside the ruins on our glass-bottom boat, giving you a chance to capture unforgettable photos?

  • Aquarium Bay

    Soak up the sunshine at picture-perfect Aquarium Bay during a delightful swim break.

  • Simena Castle (Kaleköy)

    Entrance fee: 3 euros (or free with Museum Pass Turkey or Mediterranean Museum Pass).

    Our boat will drop anchor in Kaleköy port (ancient Simena) for one hour, giving you time to visit this small authentic village which is home to castle ruins and a necropolis. A hike up the hillside will provide you with magnificent views of the Kekova region. If you’d prefer to admire Simena Castle from down below, you can use your remaining time to take another dip in the gorgeous blue waters.

  • Burç Bay

    Enjoy the peaceful ambience of this area during a swim break in Burç Bay, where the water feels cooler due to the cold underwater natural springs!

  • Gökkaya Bay

    We’ll stop to swim in Gökkaya Bay, where you can experience the natural beauty of the area and opt to participate in one of the various exciting water sports on offer.

  • Pirates Cave

    Discover this intriguing, naturally-formed cave renowned for its large size and curved entrance.

  • Demre (Andriake) Harbour

    As the day draws to an end, we’ll bring you back to Demre Harbour, where this private boat trip finishes. Demre is a small but exciting town with plenty more to experience, such as historical sites, beaches, and hiking the Lycian Way.

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Adult (Age 12-99)
Children (Age 5-11)
Infant (Age 1-4)
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Pay a deposit 110 

Cancellation policies

  • Cancel up to 3 days in advance for a full refund

A cancellation by the client must be made by phone or e-mail. The date that we or its agents receive the letter determines the cancellation charge applicable.

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