Demre – Kekova Boat Tour (Private Full Day Tour)

Summer is the most beautiful season which fireflies emerge, seas get warm and the sun shines brightly.

Unforgettable memories are accumulated during summer vacations. Demre – Kekova boat trip is an entertainment service offers to you and your loved ones amazing memories.

So, let’s take a look at this enjoyable tour route!

Demre – Kekova Tour Route

  • Demre Harbor

    Kekova boat trip starts by taking the first lights of the day behind. The trip starts at the time you specify, takes off from the Demre Harbor and as the journey begins the boat cruises towards its first stop

  • Kekova Island and Sunken City

    For those who want to learn the fascinating secrets of history, this is where the adventure begins! The sunken city was flooded after an earthquake happened two thousand years ago, will leave an unforgettable impression that carries the power of history on your holiday. While our boat cruises along with the view of the sunken city, you can either take photos or enjoy the enchanting beauty of the city  The glass bottom of our boat allows you to be a living witness of the unique beauty of the ruins.

  • Akvaryum Bay

    While enjoying the sea and sunshine of the Akvaryum Bay, we will give a delightful swimming break.

  • Simena Castle

    Our boat is anchoring in Kalekoy (Simena) Port for 1 hour. During this time, we will visit the authentic village of 30 households and explore the culture. Or you can enjoy swimming in blue waters.

  • Gokkaya Bay

    The swimming break in Gokkaya Bay allows you to experience the tranquility of a pleasant journey. In this spot, you can also enjoy various water sports.

  • Pirates Cave

    At this spot, you can get the chance to watch the glorious structure of the natural cave. The unique beauty of the cave, which has a large volume and soft lines will have a special place in your memory.

  • Demre Harbour

    After a pleasant journey that lasts all day long, our tour ends at Demre Harbour.


From: 120.00

Included In The Price

  • 7 hour Boat Tour
  • Complimentary Hotel Transfer:

    Exclusive for the guests who will join the tour from the region of Demre.

Excluded From The Price

  • Museum and Archaeological Site Entrance Fees
  • Water Sports