From Demre: Half-Day Private Boat Trip to Kekova

Half-Day Private Boat Trip to Kekova from Demre

This exclusive half-day private boat trip to Kekova from Demre is perfect for encountering history and natural beauty in just a few hours.

With the boat to yourselves, our crew will be at your beck and call as they take you past some of the best places to swim such as the beautiful Esmeralda Bay and Burç Bay, famous for its underwater mineral springs. You’ll also have the chance to experience the Sunken City of Kekova, famous for its fascinating underwater ruins.

Read the itinerary below for our best picks of the Kekova region, just waiting to be explored!

  • Includes

    3-hours boat trip, Snorkeling equipment

  • What to bring

    Sunglasses, Sun hat, Sunscreen, Swimwear, Towel

Prices starting from 405 

Demre – Kekova Tour Route

  • Demre Harbour

    Did you know that Demre used to be known as the ancient city of Myra? With this strong connection to ancient history and its location along the scenic Lycian Way, what better place to start your boat trip to Kekova! You can choose to begin at 10am or 2pm, departing from Demre harbour.

  • Kekova Island and Sunken City

    Discover the fascinating secrets of Kekova’s history on this unique adventure around the Sunken City. The ancient city of Dolchiste was flooded due to an earthquake in the 2nd century, and its resulting underwater ruins never fail to leave an impression. Since this is a protected area, swimming is not permitted here, so what better way to explore the site than by cruising alongside the ruins on our  glass-bottom boat, giving you the chance to capture unforgettable photos.

  • Simena Castle

    View the enchanting ruins of Simena Castle as we cruise alongside and witness the beauty of the castle and ancient city ruins.

  • Burç Bay

    Enjoy the peaceful ambiance of this area during a swim break in Burç Bay, where the water feels cooler due to cold underwater natural springs!

  • Pirates Cave

    Discover this intriguing naturally-formed cave, which is renowned for its large size and curved entrance.

  • Demre Harbour

    After this exhilarating half-day tour, we’ll head back to Demre harbour where this boat trip ends. If you decide to take a morning trip, you will have the afternoon to relax, or you can discover more of what the town has to offer.

Prices starting from 405 


  • 3-hours boat trip
  • Snorkeling equipment


  • Additional food and drinks
  • Archaeological site entrance fee

Cancellation policies

A cancellation by the client must be made by phone or e-mail. The date that we or its agents receive the letter determines the cancellation charge applicable.

  • 3 days or more day prior to departure; full refund.
  • 2 days or more day prior to departure; 50% of total tour cost.
  • 1 days or more day prior to departure; 100% of total tour cost.