Kekova Private Boat Charter

Life is beautiful with blue, and the blue voyage is beautiful when you set the course yourself…

Thanks to its daily unique boat charter service both you and your loved ones can set sail to unforgettable memories. You can turn your holiday into an exceptional one with our experienced staff, cabins with the options of shower and water closet inside, full-fledged kitchen, dining areas and rest areas of our boat.

Purify yourself from the stress of the whole year and your busy schedule with daily private boat tours!

There are enough sun cushions, seats and service tools for all our guests in our two boats named “Neşko 2” and Egemenim.”  Our boats have ten geographical miles access capacity by offering luxury, tranquillity, and comfort at the same time.

In the frequently preferred daily boat tours’ destinations like Kekova and Olympos, all the necessary conditions are provided.  Thanks to our full-fledged equipment in wireless, GSM, and mobile phone services, a quick communication service is provided in our boats through the rest of the world.

Our guests can prefer the option of water sports like canoe real as well.

Enjoy your holiday, because life is beautiful with peace offered by the blue sea…