From Olympos: Boat Trips to Kekova

Joyful voyage to the arms of blue…

Is your route ready? If yes, you won’t regret including Olympus – Kekova boat tours to your route. The tours starting from Olympus, pick up vacationers from bungalows and continues to Demre Port. While enjoying the unique views, the vacationers may choose from full-day or half-day boat tour options.

Olympos boat trip routes

Discover Santa Claus Church and Myra Antique City at the end of the boat tours!

While Olympus presents its historic fabric to its visitors very generously, vacationers enjoy collecting vivid memories. People who have never been to Demre before are usually searching about how to reach to Demre. Some vacationers prefer to join the tours after arriving in Demre by themselves. In any case, Olympos – Kekova tours are inviting you to a feast of holiday that is as beautiful as dreams.

Entertainment, nature, and peace… Thanks to Olympus – Kekova tours you and all your loved ones can collect unforgettable memories. You can take photos that are going to be memorialized with pleasure and can be purified from the yearly stress due to the joy of holiday!

Because it is time to turn your route to the blue waters, because now is the time for Olympus- Kekova boat tours…

What is the most needed thing for a vacation?

A map with pinned destinations? A working compass? Or full luggage?

Of course, a vacation route created with excitement and joy!

Olympus – Kekova boat tours invite you to a pleasant vacation full of fun, adventure, and historical beauties. The boat tours starting from Olympus take the vacationers to a colorful and adventurous voyage. Olympus with its picturesque glory greets the vacationers to its historical atmosphere and natural beauties. Anyone, who wants to get away from the stress of the year and busy schedules, benefits from the inspirational Olympos – Kekova voyage.