Boat trips to Kekova from Kas

Choose the picturesque tourist town of Kas (Kaş) as the starting point for your boat trip to Kekova and you won’t be disappointed! Renowned for its magnificent coastline, bustling town centre, historical ruins, and stunning mountain backdrop, there’s plenty to explore before or after your memorable boat trip.

The Kas-Kekova trip begins along the shoreline and stops at several bays before reaching the stunning Kekova region. Highlights here include the historical sites of Simena Castle and the Sunken City of Kekova. The stunning bays you will visit on this trip are ideal for relaxation and exploration. Take for example Tersane Bay, which offers the rare chance to swim among Kekova’s underwater ruins, and Aquarium Bay which will enchant you with its beautiful waters and diverse sea life.

If this adventure sounds like a perfect addition to your vacation, you can find more information below along with the option to book your trip.

You, your loved ones and your swimwear… that’s all you need!

Kas-Kekova boat tour invites you on this unique and charming summer trip, which is one of the leading activities in the area. Suitable for adults and youngsters alike, there is plenty to see and do during this adventure around the Mediterranean Sea. During the swim breaks in the fascinating bays, you and your loved ones will have the opportunity to do some underwater exploration (snorkelling gear provided for private trips), whilst enjoying the beautiful nature that surrounds you. We’ll also make history learning easy for you as we pass by some of Lycia’s ancient cities by boat so you can spot their surviving ruins.

Now is the time to have fun, relax, and appreciate your time in paradise!

Additional Information

Kas-Kekova boat tours are a one-day program and include a delicious lunch that is enjoyed whilst at one of the bays.

For a truly unforgettable experience with family and friends, you can take advantage of our exclusive private boat trip offer around Kekova.