Boat Trips to Kekova from Demre

Demre harbour is an ideal departure point for an eventful and adventurous boat trip to the Kekova region.

The town itself may seem like a small and simple agricultural area, but delve further and you will be surprised with its rich history and amazing scenery, thanks to its location near the coast and along the famous Lycian Way hike. The harbour is close by to the Andriake ruins and can get you to the Kekova region in no time meaning you can experience the turquoise blue waters as soon as possible!

The people of Demre have been hard at work at the harbour preparing their boats for your arrival, and now, with the warm breeze and Mediterranean sun ready to greet you, so are they, eagerly waiting to take you on this exciting journey!

With highlights such as the historical sites of Simena Castle and the famous Sunken City of Kekova, as well as the beautiful Esmeralda Bay and Karemlik Bay (chance to see the majestic loggerhead turtle), you’ve picked a treat with a boat tour from Demre.

Have fun, relax and explore!

Demre-Kekova boat tour invites you on an exciting and action-packed adventure during some of the best days of summer. With vacation mode switched on, let us take care of you and help you forget about the stress of the past year. The Kekova region is famous for its history and mesmerising turquoise blue waters, which is why we focus on these two aspects during a boat tour of the region. You will have plenty of opportunities to swim in the different bays or soak up the sun, as well as discover more about Lycian history, as we pass the ancient cities of Kekova and their surviving ruins.

Additional Information

Demre-Kekova boat tours are a one-day program and include a delicious lunch that is enjoyed whilst at one of the bays.

For a truly unforgettable experience with family and friends, you can take advantage of our exclusive private boat trip offer (half or full-day possible). We also provide free transportation from Demre bus station to the harbour if you have arrived from a different location.