Boat Trips to Kekova from Kas

Kas-Kekova boat tours are inviting you to a unique and charming trip for this summer. All the vacationers, who want to enliven their holidays, feel the smell of iodine in their lungs and have lots of fun, are taking advantage of the boat tours. Kaş – Kekova boat tours are one of the leading activities that can be made around Kaş area. While the vacationers are enjoying the sun and the sea by joining to the one-day boat tours, the children are having the excitement of getting brand-new adventures.

Kas boat trip routes

Kekova boat tours from Kas are one-day programs. The tours that are beginning along the shore continue after taking all the guests to the boat in the morning and making headway through surrounding coves and islands. Besides enjoying this moving activity, the vacationers can do special boat tours on their own by renting boats through distinct bays.