From Demre: Boat Trips to Kekova

Warm breeze of summer is ready to greet you… Floral patterns, flip-flops and sunglasses are ready to find their spots in your baggage…

What about you?

Are you ready to have a unique vacation experience by collecting unforgettable memories with the Demre – Kekova boat tours?


Have fun, relax and discover!

Demre – Kekova boat tours invite you to have exciting, delightful and full of fun adventures on the best days of the summer. For a reviving and joyous vacation, travellers take advantage of the boat tours with their loved ones. Free transportation from Demre Bus Station to Demre Port is provided to travellers from different cities. While travellers enjoy the luxurious tours, the stress and workload of the whole year vanish in Demre’s peaceful atmosphere.

Time to embrace the most beautiful shade of blue…

There are three tour selections for the Demre – Kekova boat tours. All of the three tours, which are full-day, half-day, and fishing, present extraordinary natural beauties and involves a lot of fun. As one of the most important ancient cities of Lycia region, Demre is home to the ancient city of Myra and Santa Claus Church, where visitors discover the history and nature.

The fishing tours enable the travellers to integrate with the amazing nature while embracing the sea. During the fishing tour, travellers do not only relax and learn about the environment but also enjoy being a part of a jolly activity. The full-day tours offer various stunning spots to visit. Last, but not least, the half-day tours are private tours with the option of dining at the heavenly Simena Castle (max occupancy: 7).

While inviting you to a joyful voyage, Demre – Kekova boat tours also allow the travellers enjoy swimming and water sports such as water-skiing, jet-skiing, ringo and banana rides with stops at the Gökkaya Bay. Having a satisfying vacation full of sea and activities, travellers return home with best memories!

Embracing the blue with Demre – Kekova boat tours will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience…