Üçağız Village, Demre, Turkey

With views worthy of a postcard, the picturesque village of Üçağız is undeniably worth a visit, located between Kaş and Demre and nearby Kekova Island.

In English, Üçağız translates to ‘three mouths’, aptly named since the village has three passages leading to the Mediterranean Sea. In ancient times, Üçağız was a Greek fishing village known as Teimiussa. Due to its landlocked location, the village was the most reliable place for sailors to seek refuge from the harsh, solid waves of the sea.

Nowadays, Üçağız is a popular holiday destination, with much of its charm coming from the surrounding historical ruins, olive farms, and fishermen’s houses. It is now possible to reach this quaint little village by car due to recent road access, which, as it happens, is the only road leading to the coast in the Kekova region. Gulets and yachts are still the preferred mode of transport, though, and boats can often be found dotted along the harbour area.

In 1990, the village was given the status of a Special Environment Protection Area. This means that there are limitations on building work and expansions. Consequently, it has enabled the idyllic village to retain its authentic nature and historical charm.

For those interested in Lycian history, ancient ruins can be found scattered around the village. Particularly worth a visit is the Teimiussa Citadel, which can be reached via a narrow pathway from the right side of the harbour. Here, you will find a necropolis (tomb cemetery) and Lycian sarcophagi (stone coffins), mainly from the Roman Empire period. Little is known about them besides indications from inscriptions suggesting they date back to the 4th century B.C. For some visitors, it will be a bit of a climb to reach the ruins, and the path may be overgrown; however, you will be rewarded with great views of the harbour. Those visitors who stay longer may even be lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Üçağız is also a convenient stop-off before or after visiting Simena Castle and the Sunken City of Kekova. The destinations are so close by that when gazing from the top of Simena Castle, located 45 meters above sea level, you can look across the bay and spot the tiny wooden and stone houses, restaurants, and pensions (guesthouses) of Üçağız.

Numerous other activities are available in this area. Attracted by the crystal-clear blue water, visitors are fond of watersports such as kayaking. For those who wish to remain on dry land, take advantage of the village’s small size and wander through the few quaint little streets making up the village. Or take a drink at a harbourside restaurant whilst enjoying the scenic views before going in search of a refreshing ice cream.

Üçağız is nature, history and the Mediterranean Sea all in one place.

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It is located between Kaş and Demre and nearby Kekova Island.

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